The story

We are always on the run, we need to do this, need to do that. Deadlines here, deadlines there. We get overwhelmed with notifications & finding a natural rythm is harder than ever. A helping hand would be nice & with Livsstil we try to do just that.

Livsstil will try to keep you healthy by reminding you repeating acts.

Handy presets to make your life easyer.

Breathing exercises

Inhale and exhale through your stomach, tip: rest your hand on your stomach to feel it expand while you inhale.


Take a walk, run or just stand up, this wil you keep concentrated. 10 minutes every hour is a good starting point.

Healthy food

Take a break and eat a healthy snack.


Remind me to take my medication on the right time. Or remind someone else.


Drink at least 2 l water a day. Shortage of water can cause stress, dehydratation and make you feel sick.


Go to sleep on time. A good night sleep is crucial for your health.

Portable it is!

Livsstil is compact and is wifi connected this means you can transport it to wherever you want.

The right color at the right time.

Color has a big impact on our emotional feelings. Some colors make us happy, some will calm us down and others will make us angry. With Livsstil we selected the right colors for the right time and we will help you make the right choices.

Quality crafted design.

We selected a natural wood and crafted the perfect curves so the product will blend in every environment you want. With multiple color choices you can select the one that's right for you.

Intuitive mute mode.

Livsstil needs to be as intuitive as possible. We try to provide you a calm and lovely experience. To mute Livsstil there is no need to go to an interface. Tilt Livsstil and notifications will be muted. It's as easy as that.

Tap to edit.

Tap your phone on the logo. This will directly navigate your phone to the dashboard.